Fall Bucket List!

8 Activities to Include on Your Fall Bucket List


As the weather transforms from sweltering to crisp and cool, it’s finally time to fully embrace sweater weather vibes! With October in full swing, the days are only going to get cozier. Surely, it’s the perfect time to refresh your family’s bond before the holiday season hits. Even while juggling work, school, and anything else life throws our way, there is always space for the full fall experience!


Dedicate a day to apples


If you didn’t visit an apple orchard or bake an apple dessert, did you even experience fall? Plan a day trip to an orchard to gather bushels of apples for baking! If you don’t have one near you, making a family trip to the market and let your child pick out the apples they’d like to bake with.


Research several apple recipes and let your child choose which one they’d like to make. Apple crisp is an easy and delicious dessert that requires minimal clean up. Save some filling on the side to top on cinnamon pancakes in the morning!

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Embrace fall flavors


Warm drinks are the best as the air gets cooler.  Visit a local cafe for a sip of fall. You can indulge in a freshly steamed latte drizzled with pumpkin spice while your kids can enjoy warm apple cider or homemade hot chocolate. Having a space where you can sit and enjoy your drinks will allow you the opportunity to reconnect with your family. In the midst of fast moving schedules, it’s important to slow down and listen to one another. The flavorful fall drink is just an added bonus.


Throw a festive fall photoshoot


Life moves fast and before you know it, your family will be grown. Stop time by capturing the moments you have together. Organize a fall themed family photoshoot. Research local photographers who can bring your family to life.


If you’re looking for a classic family photo, choose an outdoor location with plenty of gorgeous fall foliage. Dress up in chunky knit sweaters and flannel textures to truly embody the season. Are your kids the silly type? Take the opportunity to plan a fun halloween themed shoot. Coordinate a family costume and let the camera capture the spirit of your household bond.

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Take to the great outdoors


Crisp, freshly fallen leaves, woodsy breezes, and perfectly cool temperatures: fall weather makes for the perfect hiking trip! Pack a backpack of snacks and plenty of water for a day out on the trail. Make a game out of the hike by creating a scavenger hunt. Compile a list of items for your children to find throughout the walk. This will keep them engaged and excited about getting some exercise and fresh air.


Have a cozy night in


Sometimes, the perfect day includes doing nothing. Turn your living room into a private movie theater reserved just for your family. Select a handful of titles for your child to decide on. There are tons of wholesome family movies to choose from that will certainly make your night in one to remember!


Pile blankets onto your couch and turn off the lights aside from one or two side lamps to create an extra cozy ambience. In the hours leading to the big showing, make treats to snack on throughout. For salty and sweet, make kettle corn with chocolate drizzle or a fall infused chex mix. For a healthier twist on movie night, whip up a dessert hummus and serve with apple slices or pretzel sticks.


Have a halloween prepping day


With the day of spook right around the corner, add a halloween prep day to your bucket list. Visit the local craft store and gather supplies for a DIY halloween costume session. Creativity provides significant benefit for the cognitive development of children, making it a fun and healthy way to bond with your family!


Become a family of chefs


Sitting down for dinner as a family is crucial for bonding. Sharing a meal is an intimate way of reconnecting with your loved ones, allowing you to catch up over delicious food. Take bonding one step further by preparing the meal together.


Take the lead as head chef and assign the rest of your family members tasks. Let your children be in charge of washing the vegetables or keeping track of the timer. If they’re looking for a challenge and want to be apart of the slicing and dicing, take precaution and make sure your kitchen tools are kid friendly. The final meal will taste better knowing so much love and laughter went into it!


Backyard camping


Who says you have to travel far to have a proper camping experience? Pitch a tent in your backyard and pretend you’re roughing it in the wilderness. Pack a cooler of beverages and snacks, and challenge your family to not go back inside other than for using the bathroom.

Plan a dinner time meal that can be cooked on the grill or over a fire. For dessert, pair the breezy fall night with a warm and gooey s’more!


Extend the outdoor challenge by turning off all phones and electronic devices for the night. Focus on being present during your outdoor adventure to get the most out of your quality family time.

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What is on your fall bucket list?


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