2019 Wedding Trends

Every year couples look forward to seeing which new trends are on the rise to include in their
wedding ceremonies and receptions. In 2019, brides and grooms will be incorporating both
updates to currently popular designs as well as new ideas that we haven’t seen at weddings
before. Here are a few ideas and themes that will be a major inspiration to engaged couples
planning their special day.

2019 Wedding Trends
Weekend long celebrations

Couples have been adding additional events to their wedding weekend on top of the traditional
ceremony and reception, including welcome parties, after parties, and post-wedding brunches.
We are seeing that Sunday weddings are on the rise and many couples are opting to finish the
weekend off with their big event on Sunday. This is great way to spend time with your loved all
weekend long and then celebrate with a full ceremony and wedding towards the end of the

Purple is the new blush

Over the past few years, pale pinks have been one of the most popular colors in the bridal
world. This upcoming year, we’ll be saying goodbye to classic blush tones and hello to shades
of purple. Purple is a great color choice for weddings because it can be very versatile. Not only
can you make it light and airy, it can also be bold and dramatic as well.

Halo setting engagement rings

One of the biggest engagement ring trends right now are halo-style settings. The great thing
about the halo style is it looks great with both traditional white diamonds and colored
gemstones. While many people think the halo setting is only for round stones, it can actually be
added to any cut. In fact, pear cut diamonds or stones with bold halos are in right now. Many
jewelers are now offering a big variety of halo setting engagement rings. From cushion cut to
princess cut halos, jeweler, Blue Nile, offers their diverse collection of engagement rings online
allowing you to shop this latest trend without even having to leave your home!

2019 Wedding Trends
Greenery tablescapes

Rather than traditional flowers, many couples are opting for greenery, including plants and
herbs, as their table decor. Touches of greenery are a great way to transform your wedding
decor from plain to lavish with just the touch of a leaf. Additionally, it’s a more cost-friendly
option than your traditional florals. Greenery can make the perfect accent to any wedding
theme, which is one of the many reason why it will be one of the year’s biggest wedding trends.

Textured linens

Not only will newlyweds be dressing up their tables with greenery, textured linens will be used to
enhance the look of wedding reception tables as well. Rather than solid color tablecloths and
napkins, couples will be opting for linens with lace trims, frayed edges, and bead or ribbon
embellishments. Monogrammed linens will be making a major comeback as well. These upgraded linens paired with natural table decor will be the perfect ornaments to dress your
reception tables up with.

Happy Planning!


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