Why I love PASS… Part 1

If you are a photographer and you are looking for a great way to share your images… Heck if you are a momma and you are looking for a great way to share images with the grandmas… PASS Is for you!

There are soooo many reasons that I love PASS!!

Where to start?! Seriously there are so many reason these are in no particular order… In fact… this is just part 1. There are so many reasons, that I’m going to break this one into 2 posts.

So for today… here’s

1. It’s easy. Drag a folder. Set some preferences. Bing. Bang. Boom. Done.

2. There’s s mobile app. Yup! So it’s fabulous because your clients (and your baby’s grandparents) can have instant access to their photos anytime. All the time…..  So when your wedding, or your kids become the topic of conversation, you can share your pics on the spot. It’s kind of like how our parents used to talk about their kids, and then pull out this:


Let’s just say, PASS replaces that.

I’ve got access as an account holder to all of my image galleries. Which is amazing.

image (10)

And I can save a specific gallery as an app on my phone. This is what is great for your clients (and the grandparents)! See my little app that says Elliott’s 2013? That is all of our family photos by month for the entire year of 2013 at my fingertips. (yes, I’m behind for 2014).

image (11)



3. More about the mobile app. If you travel, which I do quite a bit… you have access to all of your galleries all of the time. So if you are working on the go, this can come in handy. I was able to work on blog posts and email images to folks for specific project in the airport while I was getting ready to head out for Jamaica b/c I had access to all of the images that I needed. Pair that with the wordpress app, and it’s amazing!

4. Let’s keep talking about that mobile app for a minute…  Your images on your phone for instant access = super easy to participate in #tbt on Instagram. Silly reason, I know, but for me it’s been fun to put up galleries of old images and revisit/share them. PASS makes it incredibly easy to participate in this social media phenomenon.

5.  Still talking about that mobile app…  So maybe using it for #tbt is kind of trivial, but let’s talk about getting your work out there on instagram for marketing?! It’s amazing. To be able to use images from any weddings to highlight different things as a marketing effort… pretty details, First Look, places your traveled and want to head back to… There are so many ways to use it in this capacity.  All photos are accessible via iPhone. Download pic. Upload to Instagram. Hashtag away. Boom.

So…. these are just a FEW reasons PASS  is amazing. Like teeny reasons. There are so many other reasons (like the fact that the images are online for 10 years) that I can’t wait to share, but I had to start somewhere…




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