Whitney + Landry | Just Because

Happy Friday!!!

So excited to share these 2 cuties with you. Meet Whitney & Landry! Love what a small world it is…  They are connected to one of my very best friends who is a photographer out in Oklahoma… Her name is Holli, and she has another photographer on her team, Taylor, who I just met a few months ago… and over lunch she was telling me how they had just moved to Pittsburgh and might be looking for a photographer. So here we are! And, they literally live walking distance from us.

Their session is my Happy Place for a lot of reasons. Apple Orchard…. golden light…. ADORABLE couple.

But another reason…. is that they did it just because. Just to make their relationship a priority and document this season in their lives. LOVE that.

They brought their dogs Charlie and Roxy along for a few. 🙂


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For the second part of the session we went downtown and caught the skyline just before dusk…. which is my favorite time of day for it! Love it lit up. So pretty!! They moved out here from Oklahoma and wanted to do something very Pittsburgh to document this particular season in their lives.

And I am OBSESSED with her skirt. LOVE it. She got it from Space 46 Boutique just in case you need to grab one… Highly recommend. Might just have to get one for the holidays this year?


Thank you Whitney and Landry!!! I had so much fun with you, and am so honored you had me capture your sweet relationship this season….



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