What’s on my bookshelf these days…

Back in February, I shared what was on my book list over at Lace and Loyalty. Here’s a link to the post if you’re looking for a good book or 2…

If you didn’t know this… I’m a closet nerd and LOVE reading. I always have, probably always will. I don’t really “have” time for it, but I make time. It’s a happy place.

Josh always asks when I find time to read… and the truth is… I read when I crawl under the covers at night. I stay up wayyyyyy too late, reading on my iphone. It’s bad. Sleep is way more important…and I usually regret it in the am, but hey…. sometimes you just have to dive into a good book, yeah?

So here are my current/recent reads! Most of them are books for entrepreneurs or a faith based pursuit of dreams…

1. Praying Circles around your Children. I’m kind of obsessed with Mark Batterson’s books. So good. And this one? Priceless.

2. The Art of Work. A good read… especially for someone who is searching for their calling… or afraid to go after a dream.

3. People Over Profit.  A great read for any entrepreneur or business owner. Don’t forget what matters most. This book is FABULOUS.

4. Wild Goose Chase.  By my man Mark Batterson. So good. If you’re a follower of Christ an awesome  read inspiring you to go after the wild ride that God has for you.

5. Brand Thinking and other Noble Pursuits. Another good one for small business owners/entrepreneurs!

Books for entrepreneurs

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