Sweet Northway Dormont Wedding

I haven’t been blogging a whole lot… obviously 🙂 But do have plans to pick up the pace again. 🙂 Just resting in this season of grace, and enjoying my little family… processing a lot that God has been doing in my life…. still making our new home, home…

So for now I just wanted to share this sweet wedding that I shot recently. Sharon and Steve go to my church, Northway Dormont, and, they recently got married!

They met at the chiropractors office years ago… and this was a second marriage for both of them.

BUT, what a story. I barely know any of it, but I do know that they went through a lot of hard things on their own, to get to the place to be ready to commit their lives to one another. One of Sharon’s sons gave a toast at the luncheon, and it was really the most incredible toast. He had half of the room in tears. Long story short, he talked about how proud he was of his mama, and all that they had gone through and overcome. He talked about her strength as a woman, about how amazing Steve is, and about how he knows that he wants to find a woman as incredible as his mom. And she really is. These 2 are an incredible couple, and I am so honored that they had me there to document their love story.

And a side note, with all that has been going on in the world… a huge thank you to Steve and Sharon’s other son for serving as policemen. Fighting for our safety, and putting their lives on the line for us and our families. We’re so thankful for your courage, bravery, and service.

And now to the images! Just wanted to share some favorites from the day!

Sharon is a STUNNER. 🙂

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And they LOVE the view up at Mt. Washington, so we headed over for some photos! Thankful for a few clouds, and to miss the CRAZY rain!

Best Pittsburgh Photographers_0186Best Pittsburgh Photographers_0187Best Pittsburgh Photographers_0188pittsburgh wedding Mt washingtonpittsburgh wedding Mt washingtonBest Pittsburgh Photographers_0191pittsburgh wedding Mt washingtonThank you Sharon and Steve!!!! Love you guys so much, and am so excited to see what God has for you in this next chapter!


Happy Friday!


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  • Lucinda Fury

    Thank you for sharing this blog link. You captured some incredible shots of Steve and his lovely wife Sharon. Their love for each other is so visible through your artful angles! I wish them happiness for the rest of their days together.ReplyCancel

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