Sweet Family of 4….

Happy 2014!

Feel like I should be posting my 2014 goals here… but the truth is…I’m not there yet.

Before you read on… please know that the heard of my next paragraph is not complaint. I am just sharing from my heart. 🙂

In brief… 2013 was an awesome year, but also really challenging. It was my first real year of business in a new city with a new BABY. And sweet Asher is an amazing blessing to me… but it has been a hard journey. The little dude is so sweet, and happy, and fun.. however he has had a slew of tummy issues, and so for the past 8.5 months of my life (not to mention the end of my pregnancy….) I have been crazy deprived of sleep. Like… averaging 4-5 (6 hours on a VERY GOOD night) hours of sleep a night broken in 1-3 hour chunks. Totally not an exaggeration.  Which means that I am dreadfully tired…  I can’t even remember the last time that I had any REM sleep. ha. My memory is wasting away… I feel like a scatterbrained mess. Thank goodness for to do lists. 🙂 So, my goal setting for 2014… not there yet, but I will be shortly. I LOVE goal setting. It’s the inner nerd in me. I am a big dreamer, and it’s exciting to explore goals and desires and what could be. So I start 2014 excited, and hopeful… AND, excited to catch up on some much needed rest. My goals might take me some time…  and I couldn’t agree more with the words of Lara Casey:

“You can microwave some goals and have a pretty little 2014 list by Monday, or you can dig deeper and set goals that matter to you over the next week or so with me.  You can pray hard about them and really weigh whether or not they are the best use of your time.  You can set goals that are twenty levels below the surface, where the fiery good stuff lives.  Or you can just make resolutions that get forgotten and tossed aside come February 1.”

I totally love what she said, and think it is so incredibly true. So stay tuned for my goals…. They’re in progress. 🙂 I’m going to make them count.

So onto the post….

Starting this year with a dear family on the blog…

Talia is a photographer friend in the area (check her out: Talia Nelson Photography:  http://talianelsonphotography.com/)

So grateful for her, and for her friendship… and she is a part of our Pursuit 31 group. She has an amazing heart, and is an amazing wife, mother, and photographer. 🙂

Loved photographing her sweet family with her new little guy Austin! You might remember her maternity session here. She was a stunning mama to be!

Here’s sweet Brooklyn, the best big sister!


This image MELTS MY HEART. So adorable!


Austin and his mommy… sweet one on one time. 🙂


Such an adorable family!!!! LOVE them!



Happy Little Dude. 🙂


Snuggles with little people are the best. Motherhood makes women SO BEAUTIFUL. (More-so than they already are)2013.12.9.Nelson.Any-19_BLOG

Can always count on daddy’s to bring the “fun”

This is the kind of stuff that is better for mommy’s not to watch…..


LOVE your sweet family Talia!!! So blessed to have you in my life.



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  • Adrienne Zottola McCorkle

    Beautiful! God bless you all!

  • Gloria Jean Nelson

    Such beautiful pictures, Meaghan! This is my nephew Kyle’s family. What a wonderful gift you have and thanks for posting so that his relatives in Missouri can see them more often! Thank you!!!!ReplyCancel

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