Surprise Proposal! Mellon Park

This weekend, I knocked an item off of my bucket list. πŸ™‚ (but it’s still there b/c I want to do it all of the time!)

I had the huge privilege of shooting a surprise proposal! I was so excited when I got a phone call to do this… I have always wanted to shoot one!

Corey had it all planned out. His sweetheart, Danielle, is into photography, and so he planned a fun day around the city… they had lunch, put a lock on the Roberto Clemente Bridge…. went ice skating at PPG Place… came to Mellon Park, a special place to them to take a few pics… and top it off with a proposal!

Corey had his friends string some lights on the fountain… There’s Becky on the left, and her husband Josh on the bottom pic…. And it turns out they go to my church! Small world!

mellon park engagement

I spent a lot of time walking around the park… Β more than I intended …. ha… Because after I had texted Corey that I was at the park and ready to go, I accidentally dropped my phone in the snow… So I was walking around trying to find it for quite awhile, but that was also my “watch” so I wanted to make sure I was ready to go any minute. Β (Good news is that I did find my phone after the shoot!)

So… I grabbed a few pics while walking around…

mellon park engagement

But onto the best part!!!

Since Danielle is into photography, they were playing around and taking some photos at the park, and he was going to ask me to take a photo of them…. and that was how he was going to set me up to capture the proposal. πŸ™‚

So… here’s the pic I took of them on their camera… and then handed the camera back to him… along with THE RING!!!! ahhh! I swear it was so obvious… but somehow we pulled off the transaction and she had no idea.

Corey was brave to put the ring in my hands (a complete stranger he had never even met…) especially since I lost my phone. πŸ™‚

mellon park engagement

Here he goes!!!! So cute!!!!
pittsburgh proposal








Honestly, it was the sweetest thing. She was so surprised and her reaction was priceless!!! She ran up and hugged him… and didn’t let go.

proposal photography

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mellon park engagement
shutter dying in super cold weather

And this is where my camera froze. Literally.

This is a sidenote to photographers. Sorry!!! But have to share. So…. I ALWAYS bring a back up camera no matter what I am shooting b/c you just never know when something might go wrong… or your shutter might die, etc. When I shoot a wedding, I always have an extra camera thrown on my shoulder for this reason. I left my backup camera in my car…..

So. My camera froze. At that time I actually thought my shutter died, but when I got home it was working again, and after a little research online, I learned that it was probably my battery being too cold, and that folks who shoot in cold conditions like that store extra batteries in pockets close to their bodies so they can change them as much as EVERY FEW MINUTES. So, even if my backup camera was in my bag… I don’t know that it would have saved me.

Good news is this. I got the proposal. God is SO GOOD. Had it happened 2 minutes earlier, I would have completely and utterly blown it, and the thought of that makes my stomach sooooo sick to even think about.

So, as much as I don’t want to share it… b/c it makes me vulnerable… and might have folks doubt me… I HAVE to share it b/c if any photographer reads this and it is helpful to them, it is worth it. I hope that it saves someone from a potential disaster.

So…. back to Corey and Danielle!!! πŸ™‚ Β I actually ran over and grabbed her camera and kept shooting b/c they were soooo cute in their celebration…

And then she ran to their car to get her boots, and I to my car to get my other camera body.. and then we snapped a few photos of the newly engaged couple!


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A pic of them with their friends!!
northway dormont
she said yes

The GORGEOUS ring!
pittsburgh engagement rings
mellon park engagement session
mellon park fountain
HUGE Congratulations to Corey and Danielle!!! I am so excited for you guys!!! Thank you for having me be a part of such a special day in your lives!!!!


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