Pursuit Gathering: March

Today I am excited to share pics from an event with a fabulous group of women that I LOVE. A few years back I met this sweet gal, Alison … and we had so many of the same passions….  one of them was a heart to start a Pittsburgh Wedding Planning and Marriage Blog (Lace and Loyalty), and the other was about what it looks like to follow Christ and be a good wife, mama, friend, and business owner.

Hence the journey with the Pursuit Community (formerly Pursuit 31).

It’s worth your time to read their mission statement… Seriously. If you don’t read anything else on this post, read this.

PUrsuit Community Conference

Everything about this resonates with me. EVERYTHING.

So…we applied to start a local group here in Pittsburgh… and have been going strong for a year and a half with these ladies. It is awesome to have a group of women to connect with that you can relate to on ALL levels of life. It’s been life changing.

So, that leads me to this post… Pursuit Community has grown so much bigger than they had ever anticipated, and this year they have changed their structure a bit…. and every month there is one “Gathering,” to build up a local community of women to do this “run a business, run a home, be a balanced woman” thing together. And, it started with just photographers, but because it was such a need in the community of women creative Entrepreneurs, it has expanded to graphic designers, shop owners, makeup artists, florists, bloggers, calligraphers, etc.

So this was the first gathering with all of the new changes (including Gabrielle leading with us now!!!!), and we were so excited to have such an amazing turn out! We had 20 women come and listen to Heather speak on loving Jesus, and how that flows into every area of your life. We are so grateful to have had her come and share her heart with us. She is an amazing woman. Seriously amazing.

So welcome!!! Here’s a taste of our night….

pittsburgh calligraphers

PIttsburgh Calligraphers

PUrsuit Community Pittsburghpursuit community pittsburghPUrsuit Community conferencePUrsuit Community PittsburghPittsburgh Pursuit Community
Pursuit Community Pittsburgh

Not only did Heather come to speak to us… she brought these AMAZING cookies that she made. #sheneedstoopenacookieshop

pursuit community pittsburgh

Pursuit Community gathering

Thank you to all of the wonderful ladies who came out!!!! We were so excited to see so many new faces!!!

Here’s the link for our April Gathering!! It’s a work day at the Carnegie Coffee Company! See you there!!!


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