Pursuit Community – Pittsburgh

I just love these women. Love, love them. You may have read about our local Pittsburgh Pursuit Community on the blog before. It’s pretty amazing to relate to women on so many levels….

creatives. business owners. wives. moms. christ followers.

It’s the group of women that I can literally relate to in every aspect of who I am, and that’s pretty incredible. We get each others struggles. And having a community like that is priceless.

So for our May Pursuit Community Gathering, we did new headshots, and then hung out at Starbucks afterwards…  A few of us brought our cameras and took photos, and the rest of the gals hung out.

It was so much fun!!!

I had the honor of taking photos for Gabrielle Halle

Pursuit community pittsburghPursuit community pittsburghGabrielle Halle Photography

Leigh Nelson of Lavender LeighPursuit community pittsburghPursuit community pittsburghPursuit community pittsburghLavendar Leigh Photography

And Mandy Boccardi, a local makeup artist. She’s working through a business changes, so I’ll update her link as soon as it’s ready! For now you can email her at: EnhanceMB@hotmail.comPursuit community pittsburghPursuit community pittsburghMandy Boccardi Makeup

Happy Wednesday!!!

We hope to see you at our next gathering! It’s a family event, and the link to rsvp is here.

If you aren’t familiar with Pursuit Community, you should check it out! It is an AMAZING group of women, and there are now 2 conferences held each year to encourage women creative entrepreneurs. It used to be for photographers, but is open to all creatives!


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