Zeke 6 Months

Christmas Tree Farm Family Session!

I swear this little guy was just born… and now he’s already 6 months old! It’s so amazing how much babies grow in their first year of life. Little Zeke is such a doll and it’s been so much fun to walk alongside of  Whitney and Landry these past few years capturing pieces of their love story and now their sweet little family. ❤️

We went to the Nutbrown Christmas Tree Farm for their little session. I could shoot at Tree Farms everyday. I love love them and the family memories they hold. It’s my favorite family tradition. We had our photos taken  while getting our tree a few years ago and they are some of my favorite family photos.
Enjoy these sweet little Pittsburgh Christmas Tree Farm family session!

Whitney & baby Zeke. pittsburgh-family-photographer-landry-jones_0026pittsburgh-family-photographer-landry-jones_0025

I can’t handle these baby kisses. So incredibly sweet! Or…. maybe he’s eating her cheek? Either way my heart melts. So stinkin’ cute!pittsburgh-family-photographer-landry-jones_0024

Landry and baby boy. ❤️

So sweet. There’s something so special about a man raising his son. I see it in my husband. It’s different than with a little girl. With our daughter it’s tender and sweet. With our son it’s a sense of pride and excitement to raise a little guy. To teach him how to lead and how to play ball… how to be strong and courageous. pittsburgh-family-photographer-landry-jones_0023pittsburgh-family-photographer-landry-jones_0022

Little Zeke owning the Christmas Tree stand.

Christmas Trees…. who needs one?pittsburgh-family-photographer-landry-jones_0021pittsburgh-family-photographer-landry-jones_0020

Poor little guy doesn’t have any hair to keep his sweet little head warm!pittsburgh-family-photographer-landry-jones_0019pittsburgh-family-photographer-landry-jones_0018pittsburgh-family-photographer-landry-jones_0017pittsburgh-family-photographer-landry-jones_0016pittsburgh-family-photographer-landry-jones_0015pittsburgh-family-photographer-landry-jones_0014pittsburgh-family-photographer-landry-jones_0013pittsburgh-family-photographer-landry-jones_0012pittsburgh-family-photographer-landry-jones_0011pittsburgh-family-photographer-landry-jones_0010pittsburgh-family-photographer-landry-jones_0009pittsburgh-family-photographer-landry-jones_0008pittsburgh-family-photographer-landry-jones_0007pittsburgh-family-photographer-landry-jones_0006pittsburgh-family-photographer-landry-jones_0005pittsburgh-family-photographer-landry-jones_0004pittsburgh-family-photographer-landry-jones_0003pittsburgh-family-photographer-landry-jones_0002pittsburgh-family-photographer-landry-jones_0001pittsburgh-family-photographer-landry-jones_0000

And they found their gem to take home!

pittsburgh-family-photographer-landry-jones_0027pittsburgh-family-photographer-landry-jones_0028Happy Friday Y’all!


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