50th Anniversary Party

Today I’m excited to share a 50th Anniversary Party from this past summer. A sweet friend (one of Ainsley’s friends mommy’s) asked if I would be interested in a 50th Anniversary Party. I’ve got a serious heart for marriage and anniversaries (hence the birth of Lace and Loyalty) so I was super excited to be able to capture it for their family. How many people have parents that have been together for 50 years? Not too many that I know.

The kids pulled together to have a 50th anniversary party for them, and hired me to capture it for them. Here are a few favorites from the evening!

They had a tented party out back and invited close friends and family to celebrate.

Pittsburgh Anniversary Photography

This cake is actually a replica of their actual wedding cake. It was pretty amazing. They had a photo of the old one. This one was spot on.

Pittsburgh Anniversary Photography

A little thank you and cutting of the cake.
Pittsburgh Anniversary ideas

And I pulled them aside for a little Pittsburgh anniversary session. They are the cutest. So sweet and genuine together. You could tell that they love each other so much. I look at couples like this, and hope that it will be Josh and I when we grow older. And, it really can be if we’re intentional. This surely didn’t happen for them on accident. I am SURE that it was a lot of ups and downs, trials, victories, laughter, and tears. Each of those things just deepened the love that they share.
Pittsburgh Anniversary PhotographyPittsburgh Anniversary PhotographyPittsburgh Anniversary PhotographerPittsburgh Anniversary PhotographerPittsburgh Anniversary PhotographerPittsburgh Anniversary session

And they sure are blessed with some adorable grandbabies! Getting this photo was pretty hysterical. Kids of all ages, and some little ones who hadn’t napped, some others hopped up on sugar…  but what I love about it, is how real it is. Pittsburgh Anniversary session

And this is Caroline (Ainsley’s friend) and her family. I’m so thankful that they hired me to shoot such a special occasion. Love them. <3Pittsburgh Anniversary session

Happy Friday!!! Have an amazing day!!

I would love to chat with you about your Pittsburgh Anniversary Session!


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