20 Minutes a Day

20 Minutes a Day.

Marriage Challenge

Say you want to learn something new… play the guitar, learn to golf, aquire some kind of new skill, and you spent 20 minutes a day investing in it…

Imagine how that daily 20 would add up over time. Sure you could spend more than 20 minutes a day, but with work schedules, family time, and all of the things we juggle, 20 minutes seems like a feasible amount of time to carve out for something that truly interests you.

Do you have 20 minutes a day that you might be able to find if you spent less time surfing the internet or browsing social media? Maybe it is something else that eats away at your time, but we know how prevalent social  media is in our culture and how easily we can be distracted and head down the rabbit holes we never intended to venture into.

What if we did a 20 minute challenge? What if we found 20 minutes a day and invested it in our marriages? What if we took the time to be intentional in our relationships? Can you imagine how all of the 20 minute investments would add up over time?

A relationship is work. It’s hard work. It takes maintenance. It doesn’t just happen. I submit that just 20 minutes of intentionality a day just might make a world of difference in the long run. I’m talking to myself here too. Josh and I are SO OFTEN ships passing in the night. We give our time to so many things, but then neglect our marriage.

Marriage Challenge

Let’s Get Practical.

I’m all about practical.. so what does that look like? Because we all know that if it isn’t practical it isn’t happening…

Maybe it’s a walk, a back rub, a listening ear. Maybe it’s taking care of a chore or something on his/her to do list together.  Maybe it’s a beer on the deck when the kids go to bed, or meeting for lunch. It can be simple, but let’s make it happen.

20 minutes a day. Can you find it?

It’s worth the investment. We’re in it together.

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