July Shenanigans!

Happy Friday!

It’s just about the end of July. I can’t even.

I swear I just posted our Summer Bucket List yesterday…  It goes way too fast! Here is a little peak into July and some of what we’ve been up to. At least what we’ve been up to that I’ve documented on my real camera… My iphone is full of lots of little moments too. 🙂

So here’s a little peak into our lives…

July Shenanigans

We bought a cute little outdoor loveseat for our deck. AMAZING purchase btw. It’s perfect, and made this lovely little nook that we can sit out on the deck in the evening rain or shine. Josh and I’s new favorite place. #targetforthewin as per usual.

So the kids had a blast in their home for the day.

South Hills Family photographer

Lots of play at the table… South Hills Family photographer

My little office assistant. And thanks to WHCC (my lab) for sending lollipops with prints.
South Hills Family photographer

This little girl is just the sweetest. The sweetest. It’s going way too fast and breaking my heart. Not enough baby snuggles. I don’t think there ever could be.South Hills Family photographer

My parents randomly decided to come down for the day and visit with the kids. Ainsley schooled everyone in memory. Asher and my dad played with Asher’s little construction vehicle, and then we all went outside and played badminton. Which, by the way… if you are a mama, go to Five Below. My mom got the cutest badminton set for the kids. The rackets are bigger than the norm, and so is the birdie. It’s great for playing with the kids. South Hills Family photographerSouth Hills Family photographer

9 Months

This little lady is 9 months old. BANANAS.

And she really just wanted to eat the paper, so there’s that.Mt. Lebanon Family photographerMt. Lebanon Family photographer

Baby tootsies forever.Mt. Lebanon Family photographer

And baby snuggles. It’s funny… Atlee NEVER lays her head on my shoulder or falls asleep in the nook of my arm, but there is something about dads…

I found Josh and Atlee like this before a wedding on a Saturday am. In Ainsley’s bed… with Asher’s blanket… all snuggled up and peaceful.
Mt. Lebanon Family photographer

Pool days!!!! We have been trying to go as much as possible, but have had a lot of rain. A little 4th of July swimming!

#mericaMt. Lebanon Family photographer

And I took the big kids to Mt. Lebanon Community Day while Atlee took a nap at home. They loved the animals. Someday we’ll have a farm kids, someday…..Mt. Lebanon Community Day

And the famous balloon lady was there. She’s amazing. Hard to see Asher’s, but it was the cutest alligator, and Ainsley’s was Ariel.  The bottom pic was at fireworks, which Atlee LOVED. Mt. Lebanon Community Day

In Other News

My in-laws are moving to town.

We have had a college student living with us since May, and he is leaving next week. He’s been a fun big brother for the kids.

We plan to go visit my parents for a little bit in August before school starts.

And we’ve still got some bucket list items to knock out before September comes!

Have a great weekend!




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