MileIQ: A Life Changing App to Track Your Mileage!

Hey photographers and business owners… this one’s for you!

A few weeks ago, I was chatting with a sweet industry peer, Natalie Franke…  and she shared this LIFE CHANGING app with me. 🙂 Seriously. Best money I’ve spent thus far in 2015.

It’s called MileIQ.

Amazing only begins to scratch the surface….

For the longest time (say…. 7 years of being in business) mileage was one of those things that I’ve just never had a good system on.

I’ve tried to keep a notebook in the car and log my drives… but inevitably I always forgot…

I’ve tried to sit down each week and log my drives… but you know that didn’t last long either… There were always “more important” tasks that were calling my name….

I’ve tried other apps, but I still had to remember to start logging drives…

So it usually turned out that as the new year came in, I would sit down with my planner, online calendar, receipts, and google maps, and map out my year… Seriously, the most inefficient (and honestly, embarrassing)  way to track them. Not to mention that I know I lost a lot of mileage for scouting locations, getting lost, or trips to target to look for something for a shoot.

So here it is… MileIQ. It logs all of your drives, and all you do is simply swipe left for a personal trip, or swipe right for a business trip. You can also put in a location’s name, so that every time you go there, it recognizes it… and you can easily categorize them as well (wedding, session, supplies, post office, etc).

And so you don’t forget to keep up with it, you can have reminders pop up to remind you to categorize your drive at the end of the day or week… Easy-peasy.

Another amazing bonus is that you can just export it for your accountant!

Photography Coaching

If you are a photographer or a business owner… it’s a must. Seriously.

Happy Monday!!!!

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