Little Dude is 4!

I can’t believe that my little guy is 4! Time goes SO fast. You blink, they grow.

He’s a little obsessed with Spidey, which I think is awesome, especially because he’s never seen the Spiderman movie. There is something about how boys are wired that just draw them to superheros. So, we had a Spiderman Party.

This is the first birthday that Asher has had some friends come celebrate. He invited a few friends from preschool to come. He was beyond excited and wanted to do an Easter Egg hunt since his birthday was so close to Easter. His actual birthday is April 3rd, and we celebrated the weekend prior to his real birthday. 🙂

Asher wanted to wear is Spidey costume to his birthday, so we invited the other kids to dress up as well.

Spiderman Birthday party

Spidey putting stickers on the cups.
Spiderman birthday party

His cake is from the Party Cake Shop on Beverly Road.
Spiderman birthday party

The kids came in and colored. I also ordered these cute little masks, so they could decorate their own.Spiderman birthday ideasSpiderman birthday ideas

Spiderman Birthday party

After the kids finished their masks, we went outside for a few super hero games. Here’s the whole gang… Spiderman Birthday party

The Super Hero Punch!

The first game we played, the kids got to punch one of the circles. Inside was a prize.
Spiderman Birthday partySpiderman Birthday party

The Obstacle Course

The second game they played was a super hero obstacle course. They had to walk the “plank,” then climb over the city, through the web, and then they sprayed the “bad guy” (my husband) with silly string.

Superhero Birthday partySuperhero Birthday partySuperhero Birthday party

Then time for lunch, cake, ice cream, and presents!

Superhero Birthday partySuperhero Birthday partySuperhero Birthday party

And we ended with an Easter Egg hunt. 🙂

Pittsburgh Birthday photographer

Thanks for stopping by!!! Happy Wednesday friends!


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