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Remember when you started dating and you couldn’t get enough of each other? You’d stay up and talk on the phone for hours, or go on dates that you never wanted to end?

Then you blink, it’s 5 years into marriage, and you realize that you’ve stopped asking questions and trying to learn more about your spouse. Maybe it’s because you think you know all that there is to learn… Maybe it’s because you let everyday life and to do lists get in the way.

We grow, we change, we try new things, we tire of old things. We gain wisdom through experiences, we hurt in trials, we mature and value different things.

Chances are you are not the same person that you were when you first got married… and neither is your spouse.

So let’s tackle this together. Let’s pursue our spouses with new interest. With a curiosity like we had when we first started dating. Let’s ask questions that we haven’t asked in YEARS. And let’s LISTEN like we did when we were enamored with them and couldn’t learn enough.

Marriage Tips

Be intentional to never stop learning about your spouse.

And if you need a place to start… Just start listening. Really listening.

Listen to what they talk about when they come home from work. What drains them. What excites them.

Observe them. Watch how they spend their free time. What are they reading, watching, listening to? Do they seem tired and worn? Energetic and excited about what is going on in their life?

Start taking notes. Either for real (if your brain is anything like mine and you can’t remember what you did yesterday) or just mental notes…. So you can be asking about these things that you hear and see.Marriage TipsMarriage Tips

Next week we’ll be back with some questions if you’re still looking for a place to start, but this week, let’s study our spouses.

Let’s study them with our eyes, our hearts, and our ears…

Happy Tuesday!

Aaaand…. isn’t film GORGEOUS!!!!!

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