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Happy Aloha Friday everyone!

Today we are on stop #2 on our Kauai Shaved Ice Tour. You can check out the first stop here, at The Fresh Shave.

Today’s stop is at Wishing Well Shaved Ice in Hanalei (their website).  Another AMAZING spot, and very different shaved ice. The kids ordered their traditional Rainbow Shaved Ice. What’s in it? Grape, vanilla, pineapple, & strawberry syrups topped with snowcap over Macadamia Ice Cream. YES, I said Macadamia Ice Cream.


Don’t mind Ainsley’s beach hair…. You know that saying, beach hair, don’t care? Well…. it’s definitely fitting.

You haven’t seen much prettier shaved ice, I assure you.

Wishing Well Shaved Ice

Wishing Well Shaved Ice KauaiWishing Well Shaved Ice KauaiWishing Well Shaved Ice Kauai

Some fun information on the owners of Wishing Well Shaved Ice, Aamion Goodwin & Jesse Merle-Jones. They have a documentary: Given

And are also working on another brand that is a lifestyle company: Slow Yourself Down.

Amazing people with a great vision! Check them out when you are on island!


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