January Shenanigans!

I can’t believe that January has already flown by! 2016 is racing by… and the only perk that I can think of for time going so fast is that spring is right around the corner! Hooray!

So we knew winter was inevitable. I mean… November and December were AMAZING, but it couldn’t last all winter right?!

I had shared in a post awhile back that one of my goals for the year was to share some personal/family photos at the end of each month rather than scrambling at the end of the year to compile them all for the grandparents. So, here we go! I’m starting strong! Month 1 down. 11 to go. 🙂

So…. what we’ve been up to. A little Pittsburgh family Photographer behind the scenes…

Cookie making! The kids helped make these for our small group through Northway. 🙂 They were really good at LOADING on sprinkles (and eating them of course).

Pittsburgh family

Cheering on the Steelers! Steeler Friday!

Pittsburgh family photographer_0192And lots of playing in the snow! We went out during the “big blizzard.” But let’s face it folks… I grew up in Erie. 6 inches is nothing. 🙂 Sorry Pittsburgh.
Pittsburgh family photographer_0165Pittsburgh family photographer_0166Pittsburgh family photographer_0167Pittsburgh family photographer_0168Pittsburgh family photographer_0169

And of course that means hot cocoa when you come in!Pittsburgh family photographer_0170Pittsburgh family photographer_0171Pittsburgh family photographer_0172Pittsburgh family photographer_0173Pittsburgh family photographer_0174

More playing outside!Pittsburgh family photographer_0175Pittsburgh family photographer_0176Pittsburgh family photographer_0177Pittsburgh family photographer_0178

And building a snowman!!! They named him Frosty. 🙂 Very original. Pittsburgh family photographer_0179Pittsburgh family photographer_0180

Asher chatting it up with Frosty. And going over to shake his hand. “Hi Frosty…. How are you doing? It’s nice to meet you!”Pittsburgh family photographer_0181

This might legitimately be the most amazing moment my kids have had together in years! Seriously. My heart burst inside my chest.Pittsburgh family photographer_0182

Kissing her sweet miniature snowman. 🙂Pittsburgh family photographer_0183Pittsburgh family photographer_0184

And sled riding! They LOVED it. LOVED.
Pittsburgh family photographer_0185Pittsburgh family photographer_0186Pittsburgh family photographer_0187Pittsburgh family photographer_0188Pittsburgh family photographer_0189Pittsburgh family photographer_0190Pittsburgh family photographer_0191Hope you had an amazing January!

February, let’s do this!


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