It’s not goodbye… it’s until next time…

I had so much fun with this sweet family in downtown Pittsburgh this week for some good ole Pittsburgh Family Photos!

….But it was bitter-sweet. They are dear friends, and are moving to Cali in just one week.

It’s hard to say goodbye. In so many ways it doesn’t even seem real. Think I’m kind of in denial… 🙂 And maybe I’ll stay there. It’s easier on my heart.

But the good news, is that I know it isn’t goodbye. It’s really until next time. I’m pretty sure there will be one.

And the even better news is that they are starting an exciting new chapter, in a new place, and God’s got great plans for them out there. I’m so happy for them even though Pittsburgh will miss them… and I can’t wait to see how their future unfolds out there. I’m a little jealous of that wonderful California sun, but I know they’ll soak some up for me. And then some.

I feel like I’ve known them for such a long time, but it’s really only been a year. I can’t remember Pittsburgh without them. They left a sweet mark here, and it won’t be the same without them, but it’s just part of the circle of life.

We meet people who love us, encourage us, challenge us… We grow and change because of them… and it just keeps going. They’ll do the same to the new folks they meet out there, and new folks will step into our lives to do the same thing. We all leave a little footprint in the lives of the people we “do life” with.

We did a very “Pittsburgh” session to close this chapter in their lives….

These images are classic Bek… full of life and laughter….

Pittsburgh Family PhotosPittsburgh Family Photos

Sweet Versailles, and her daddy, Kevin. My babies are sure going to miss this sweet little girl. (And my hubby her daddy…)Pittsburgh Family PhotosPittsburgh Family PhotosPittsburgh Family PhotographerPittsburgh Family PhotographerPittsburgh Family PhotographerPittsburgh Family Photographer

These gals can twirl….Pittsburgh ChildrenPittsburgh ChildrenPittsburgh Children

Pittsburgh ChildrenPittsburgh ChildrenThis one is my very favorite from the session. Love, love moments like these.
Pittsburgh ChildrenPittsburgh ChildrenPittsburgh ChildrenPittsburgh Children

Pittsburgh Children

Love you guys!!!!!

Until next time….


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