Ainsley is 7!

I have NO IDEA how this little girl is 7.

It blows my mind.

I’m not going to lie, she’s my hardest child currently, but I still love her to pieces.

She is about to go to First Grade, and she is so excited about it. I love that she loves school and learning so much. It makes my heart so happy.

She loves dolls, games, and playing outside. My kids are also obsessed with Beanie Boo’s which they call Big Eyeball Guys. PS, if your kid loves them, buy them at Party City. They are only $5. You’re welcome. 🙂

Huge thanks to Target for sponsoring her party. 🙂 We were there and they had all of these cute ice cream decorations and so we went for it. Usually I make all of the decorations like I did for Asher’s Spiderman birthday party, but with Atlee not being the most amazing sleeper, it seemed like a good idea to go for the easier route this time. And, they’re adorable, so win-win!

Ice Cream Birthday Party Ideas

Thank you Marshall’s for the cute Ice Cream Piñata that was not huge. Nobody needs the candy and junk you fill them with so it was perfect. I am sure the other mothers of the other little girls would thank you too.

Asher below playing with the rubbery ice cream sticky’s for a lovely new mustache.Ice Cream Birthday Party Ideas
Ice Cream Birthday Party IdeasIce Cream Birthday Party IdeasIce Cream Birthday Party Ideas

Ice Cream Party Ideas

We played a bunch of little games and I tried to keep them theme related. The left was throwing the pom poms and trying to catch them in an ice cream cone. Not easy, but super fun (and messy).

On the right I found this watercolor paper roll that I had on the table when the girls got to the house to have them watercolor while we waited for everyone to arrive.

Ice Cream Birthday Party Ideas

I also put out these little wooden ice cream cones for the girls to color/paint before we got started. Below that are a few other games. The scratch off game and then Ice Cream Bingo.
Ice Cream Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday girl, and some presents!Ice Cream Birthday Party Ideas

More decor!Ice Cream Birthday Party IdeasIce Cream Birthday Party IdeasIce Cream Birthday Party Ideas

So, if you saw the original cake that I tried to make on pinterest, you would call my attempt a major fail. However, I’m going to say it’s a win because if an ice cream cone did dump over, it wouldn’t be perfect looking, It would be a mess. 🙂 And that’s exactly how my version looks. It you know… realistic. And, Ainsley loved it, so that’s all that matters.
Ice Cream Birthday Party Ideas

Ice cream bar and ice cream cone rice krispe treats!Ice Cream Birthday Party Ideas

Game time! First up the piñata. A big storm came through just as we were finishing this up. We had perfect timing. We would have done more of the games outside (and also ran in the sprinkler), but you can’t control mother nature. 🙂Ice Cream Birthday Party IdeasIce Cream Birthday Party IdeasIce Cream Birthday Party Ideas

Ainsley so proud of holding baby sister. And, on the right was the end of the catch the pom poms in the ice cream cones. The kids all had a turn and then they all threw them for Josh to try. 🙂Ice Cream Birthday Party Ideas

The birthday girl!Ice Cream Birthday Party IdeasIce Cream Birthday Party Ideas

Such a sweet little group of girls. She invited 7 little girls because she was turning 7, but 3 were out of town.

They had such a good time!Ice Cream Birthday Party Ideas

Happy Thursday!


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