Honeymoon Series: Kauai Part 2!

Ok, here we go! Part 2 of our honeymoon and/or vacation series on Kauai! 2 Weeks ago we shared our first post on a Kauai honeymoon or vacation, and today we’ve got lots more to share! If you missed part 1, check it out here!

Below are pics from the Grand Hyatt in Poipu, Kauai. We stayed there for a night before heading over the the Marriott Waiohai. It was beautiful!!! and a hammock steps outside our door = perfection. We’re total suckers for hammocks…  Is there anyone who isn’t?

Grand Hyatt Poipu KauaiGrand Hyatt Poipu Kauai

It was recommended by a local that we go to Yum Cha there…  so we did. Pomegranate Martini on the left, and underneath Chicken Pad Thai…

It was fine… but we think there are better place to explore there as visitors…  Presentation on the Martini was stellar though 😉

***As I went in to update my  post… and link Yum Cha, I discovered that it is now closed. So….. yeah. Bummer, but there are so many amazing places to eat on the island…. I can’t imagine trying to compete with all of the fab places there…
Grand Hyatt Poipu Kauai Yum Cha

The Grand Hyatt Poipu at night….Grand Hyatt Poipu Kauai

Happiness = a fresh Hawaiian Lei

And, late night swimming in their river pools…
Grand Hyatt Poipu Kauai

After our first trip to Kauai, our goal was to see the Napali Coast a different way each time… On our honeymoon we saw it via our Jack Harter Helicopter Tour, and this time we opted to do the hike. We were BEYOND excited.

We will say… It was a bit dicey… but only because we didn’t plan well. We didn’t head out early in the am (which we recommend). We actually started around noon. The height/heat of the sun, and we stopped at a sandwich place (the Moloa’a Sunrise Juice Bar) on the way there to grab lunch to eat at the waterfall…  A sandwich + salty chips + not enough water was a bad combo for the hike. It’s an AMAZING hike, but it’s no joke. We wish we would have brought more water, a healthier lunch, and left earlier. On the way back we JUST made it. I remember hiking back as fast as we could, HOPING that we were following the right trail. It seemed to be marked very clearly on the way out, but a little more in question in our way out. Oh… and technically it’s called the Kalalau Trail.

I had visions of us sleeping in the rainforest amongst the wild boars. 🙂 But, luckily my fearless leader of a husband took the right trail, and we got back to the car just before dark. It was perfect timing.

And…. I took my good camera and a few favorite lenses in my shootsac. Loving that we have great photos, but looking back at it, I think  I was kind of crazy for doing that…. if I had fallen while crossing through water or slid on a rock… but hey… it didn’t happen. Maybe I’d take it again, but I would say if you plan on taking your nice camera, have a decently padded bag just in case, and if you can waterproof it, even better.

Some views from the hike… GORGEOUS is an understatement,

napali coast hike

Some shots of the terrain… it changes a lot… rocks… dirt….roots…jungle….water…narrow….wide…bamboo….napali coast hikenapali coast hikenapali coast hikenapali coast hikenapali coast hike

2 miles in, we made it to Hanakapi’ai Beach. Hung out and then continued on the next 2 miles to get to Hanakapi’ai Falls to make sure we got back in time…Hanakapi’ai Beach napali coast hikeHanakapi’ai Beach napali coast hikeHanakapi’ai Beach napali coast hikenapali coast hikenapali coast hike

And we made it! Hanakapiai Falls Napali Coast hike

Side note…. Along the trail you’ll likely come across some interesting folks. 🙂 Ahem…. maybe even skinny dippers… I really wanted a photo of the waterfall, but I had to wait a bit because there were some non-clothed folk over on the waterfall side jumping off of the rocks…. 🙂

And just for a little bit of perspective that is Josh on the bottom right of the waterfall in the pic on the left…. See how tiny?!?!?

Hanakapiai Falls Napali Coast hike

Josh swam out… while I stayed back…. I am not so much a waterfall swimmer… Too cold for me. I’m a wimp, and like my water… like bath water. 🙂Hanakapiai Falls Napali Coast hikeHanakapiai Falls Napali Coast hikeHanakapiai Falls Napali Coast hikenapali coast hikenapali coast hike

More gorgeous views….napali coast hikenapali coast hikenapali coast hike
napali coast hike

Caverns at the entrance of the trails… (not us)

napali coast hike

And now onto one of our very favorite things to do on the island of Kauai….. Drive up to Hanalei Bay, and tailgate the sunset. 🙂 We grab food… a few beers, and watch the sun go down… and all the locals playing in the water. It’s perfection.
Hanalei Bay

Hanalei BayHanalei Bay

Hanalei BayHanalei Bay

Hanalei BayHanalei Bay

And then just some random touring around the island…. checking out random beaches… This one is near Kapaa.


Kapaa Kauai

Kauai Honeymoon

And another little hike to a waterfall… This one was the Wailua Waterfall Kayak tour with Outfitters Kauai.

Outfitters Kauai

Outfitters Kauai

Outfitters Kauai

More amazing beaches….These were all on the way up north.

Kauai Honeymoon

The Kilauea Lighthouse and the gorgeous land up north.Kilauea Lighthouse KauaiKilauea Lighthouse kauaiKauai honeymoon vacation

Sunsets on the west side over in Waimea.Waimea Kauai vacationWaimea Kauai vacationA coconut tree grove near Kapaa.
Kauai vacationKauai vacation

The Tree Tunnel on Maluhia Road, just past Koloa Town. On a tour we were told they were planted to create a covered canopy to transport sugar cane back in the day.Kauai vacation

We went next door from the Waiohai to the new boutique hotel Koa Kea, where we met bartender Jim. Since it was a new hotel and restaurant he was practicing his bartending skills, and making us samples to try out. It was pretty awesome. And, a few years later when we went back, he was still there making fabulous drinks.

Koa Kea Kauai

An adventure in the wrangler to Polihale Beach….

Polihale Beach KauaiPolihale Beach Kauai

More driving around… Some bird watchers… watching over the crops. 😉Kauai VacationKauai Vacation

The Hanapepe Valley Lookout.

Hanapepe Kauai

Believe it or not, this was just the beginning of this trip… We were there for 2 weeks… which is amazing. We spent a few days by ourselves and then Josh’s Family came out, and then my parents came out as well. Part 3 to come in 2 weeks!

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