August Goals

Yup. It’s August. In my opinion one of the best months of the year. Why? Because it is SUMMER! Also because it’s my birthday. 🙂 Although, now that I am getting older, that has become less exciting. In fact, my daughters birthday is right before mine, and sometimes I actually forget that it’s my own.

So some August Goals!

Throw Ainsley a fun birthday party and actually blog it. I love planning my kids birthday parties, and never seem to get around to blogging them. So this year. I’m doing it!

Kauai Family Photos


Head home to my parents to spend some time with them and some of my high school friends.


Start to work out again. I MISS IT SO MUCH. And, I just haven’t made the margin in my life to get back into it. Part of it is that I don’t like working out at home since I spend almost all of my time at home.  So, a small, manageable goal would be 2x a week. I mean…. if I can’t do that….  Hopefully it’s back to crossfit soon, but for now it will at least be kettlebells in the driveway.


More sprinkler time with the kids. The clock is ticking, so we MUST make the best of these summer days.


Use the GoPro more.


Get in more photos.


The drive in. We have had this on our bucket list, but haven’t see a great selection of shows to take the kids to.


Blog 3 times a week. Continue my streak.


Do a photo session of each of my kiddos. I used to do this here and there, and it’s been WAY too long.

Kauai Family Photos

Wish me luck! What are some of your August goals?






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