Shaved Ice Tour | Kauai, Hawaii

So you are headed to Kauai and are looking for the best shaved ice place? There are SO many of them, and all so good! All with their own little twist on shaved ice. Thought I would share a few places with you in case you are jonesin’ for one while you are on the island.

First Stop is one of my personal favorites:

The Fresh Shave

They have amazing shaved ice of course, but I really think that their branding is GENIUS. You’ll see what I mean when you look through the pics.

They are a part of a pretty amazing community at Warehouse 3540, but more on that another day.

They have a great menu, and I think I’ve tried everything but The Whiskers and The Professor. All yummy without a doubt. And, be sure to get there early, or they might just sell out. Shortly after I took the pic below, they also sold out of about 3 or 4 more other flavors that day.

The Fresh Shave Kauai

Best shaved ice in Kauai

The Fresh Shave KauaiThe Fresh Shave Kauai

Asher knows how to finish it… No reason to waste a drop! And whose biceps are those on the right?!? Oh yeah… the hubs. Not too shabby.Shaved Ice Kauai

When you can’t decide what kind to get…

Shaved Ice KauaiBest Shaved Ice KauaiThe Fresh Shave Kauai

Thanks, the Fresh Shave, for being so yummy. When you’re on island and on the south side, you’ve got to check them out!


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