First Look

First Look….

You might love this idea.

You might hate this idea.

You might not even know what I am talking about!

So, if you don’t know what I am talking about… I am talking about a bride and groom seeing eachother before the ceremony for pics on their wedding day. If you are traditional, you might think it sounds crazy…. but I’m telling you… It’s awesome….absolutely the best!!!! For a lot of reasons…. and we’ll get into that.

Some of my previous brides have shared some info on why they did First Glance, loved it, and would recommend it to future brides.

I am actually going to share why I LOVED it… Yes, I said LOVED. Like past tense. I did it as a bride, and am so glad that I did! I thought I would share why I loved it so much, and in another post I will tell you why I love it so much as a photog. 🙂

So, I LOVED First Look as a bride for so many reasons….

I loved that we didn’t have to take photos during our cocktail hour. We were able to spend 100% of that time with our guests/bridal party. We talked to folks… danced our hearts out… and enjoyed our time with all of the friends and family that we love so much.

I loved that I got to see Josh beforehand… because although I was not nervous to marry him… I was nervous about the day…. and that all of the attention would be on us (especially as a bride). Seeing him relaxed me a bit… so it didn’t seem like such a HUGE deal when I walked down the aisle.

We had great light for pics. This isn’t always a worry, but with fall weddings it is. It breaks my heart when brides choose a stellar location with so many beautiful places to photograph outdoors, but get married at sunset, and then do photos after the ceremony… and don’t have any daylight left. Just sayin’. Check the sunset time if you have a fall wedding. 🙂 Pictures in the dark just aren’t the same. Cool for another perspective, but not so much for the majority of your images.

When you groom sees you for the first time at the alter…. he isn’t really going to say much. Maybe with his eyes… but not with his voice. When Josh and I saw eachother beforehand, we were able to talk, hug, and really take in the moment. 🙂 He also brought me a gift. Win, win.

So here’s a little preview of our wedding.

And, before I share photos… this was over 5 years ago… no laughing. Things change quickly, eh? If I were to do it again, I would have a destination wedding on the beach in Kauai… with my favorite 10 people…. we’d drink Mai’ Tai’s and dance all night long.. under all of the little globe lights…. My dress would be a mermaid style dress with….

OH WAIT!  I am so sorry… Was off in la la land. Back to the post.

Here are some pics from our First Look.

And let’s just say…. our photog didn’t color correct our photos… Can you tell? Nor are they all in focus… And he was $$$$, but hey… what can you do.

Happy Tuesday!

More to come!


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