Favorite Things

Happy Tuesday!

It has been AGES since I’ve done an installment of Favorite Things, so here goes!

Some things I’m loving right now??? I’ll give you 5!

1. Spindrift seltzer. It’s amazing. Go get some, and you can thank me later. Especially all of you LaCroix drinkers. This stuff blows that out of the water (sorry LaCroix).

They’ve got it at Trader Joes and and Target.

And, FYI. They are all good, but Blackberry?! It’s the BEST.  Favorite things

Favorite things

2. Can you tell I’m preggo?! Moving on to another recent favorite thing. I love KIND bars, but this kind?! So, so good.

Dark Chocolate, Almond, and Coconut. My kids love them too = Bonus!

Favorite things

3. So, I had an iphone 5 BUT I broke it. So for the last 6 months+ I have been holding out and using my iphone 4. It’s been painful let me tell you. So, needless to say, the majority of apps weren’t even compatible with my version of the iphone. It was slow as molasses… and I missed out on some super fun amazing features like:


I’m obsessed. I think it is so funny. I know, probably old news to you, but not to me. I’m loving it. Trying not to overuse it, but it’s hard.

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And here’s one of my favorite ones that I’ve made and shared on instagram:


4. Speaking of Apps, I’m also loving Cartwheel for Target. I’ve had it on my phone for a really long time, but wasn’t really using it, until I was checking out one day and the guy at the checkout was telling me that some of my items were on sale. It’s been awesome. Lots of little sales on things that I’m grabbing for my family, but also some great sales… sometimes even 50% off items. 🙂 Every little bit helps! Check it out if you haven’t done it yet.

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5. Sugar scrubs.

When we moved, I found these gems… and they’ve been amazing. I’m not sure why I’ve not used them. They smell amazing… and leave my skin so soft. Seriously. I’ve been missing out. And I think I’d like to try and make my own so if you have a recipe, do share!

Favorite things 2016

Until next time……


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