Eat your Sunscreen

Ok. Have you ever heard of eating your sunscreen?

I had NOT.

Let’s talk skin cancer.

In recent decades skin cancer rates are rising despite more sunscreen use. Did you know it is the world’s most common cancer? According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, “More people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year in the U.S. than all other cancers combined. One if five Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70. ” SCARY STUFF if you ask me. You might want to go check out some of the skin cancer stats for yourself.

I have always (in my adult years) been leery of sunscreen. I was convinced I’d get cancer from sunscreen (and the chemicals we slather all over our skin) before I’d get cancer from the actual sun itself.

For a few years I made my own sunscreen. This was when Ainsley was a baby, but once Asher came along, it was harder for me to find the time to do that. Since then, I’ve found some really great ones that I love. And I will link them below, but I wanted to share some of what I found out about eating your sunscreen!

It’s not actually eating sunscreen. It’s eating FOODS that help protect your skin from the sun + being smart about sun exposure.

Sun protective nutrients and their foods that will help protect you from the sun

Eat your sunscreen

Please hear me. I am not saying do not use sunscreen. I am just sharing that there are foods that we can eat to help protect our skin!

Here are a few great articles to check out:

This next article is GREAT.

Redheads, this one is for you!

And, as promised some of my very favorite clean sunscreens!

Love this one from All Good. I got mine on Amazon. It’s also reef safe. Scores a 1 on EWG. And, it rubs in great! They also have an adult version. 🙂

Another one that I’ve loved is Bare Republic. I skipped it this year b/c I couldn’t find any that weren’t tinted, but we used this all of last summer and it was great! I bought it at Target.

Clean Sunscreen

Enjoy that sunshine friends!


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