Best of 2015 | Great Moments

Ok, almost there for the Best of 2015 series! I could have broken it into so many categories… but then I’d be working on the series for another month. So the last 2 are today’s post on great moments… and the last one on best details. So stay tuned.

So here we go! Some of these moments are tender… some of them are great dance moves. Some of them silly, and some incredibly sincere.

We’ll start with getting ready.

Quiet mother daughter moments. Hilarious bridesmaids. And your girls seeing you ready for your big day.

Best pittsburgh wedding photographers_0200

The first images below on the top left slays me. If you could have been at Allie & Brock’s barter to understand what was going on. Let me set the scene. Huge family packed like sardines in a house… eating, drinking (and not just beers, kids), and LIVE music. Lots of laughter, noise, hustle and bustle. And then I walk around the front of the house to grab a shot of Allie’s house since that is where she got ready and so many festivities were taking place and I see her sweet dad, just sitting on the front porch admits all of the wedding “chaos.” And, I just imagined what must have been going through his mind. His baby girl was getting married that day… in just hours. Was he recalling memories of his little girl that seemed like it was just yesterday or when he dropped her off for her first semester at college or the first time she introduced Brock and he knew that Brock was the one?

Best pittsburgh wedding photographers_0199

Bartering for a bride… with a fake bride…

Best pittsburgh wedding photographers_0211

And a few ceremony moments…

Best pittsburgh wedding photographers_0198

Best pittsburgh wedding photographers_0210

And post ceremony moments…. 🙂

Best pittsburgh wedding photographers_0213

Daddy’s and daughters dancing. Sometimes with all 4 daughters (bottom right).

Best pittsburgh wedding photographers armstrong farms wedding

More daddy’s and also grandpas…

Best pittsburgh wedding photographers_0206

Ridiculously amazing choreographed dances.

Half moon resort montego bay Jamaica wedding
More choreographed dances… (same crowd… notice the theme?)
Best pittsburgh wedding photographers_0196
Some funnies…  a groom stripping where he thought I couldn’t see him me while I was taking photos of his bride…

Best pittsburgh wedding photographers_0204🙂 I love my job…
Frederick douglass maritime museum wedding meaghan elliott photography

Amanda taking cover in subzero degree temperatures (that’s what it felt like at least) for a second so she didn’t get blown into the inner harbor by the crazy wind… and on the right, a bride jumping in the pool… with her entire bridal party… and guests…
Best pittsburgh wedding photographers_0208

More dance moves, some champagne spray on the dance floor, and the father of the bride who jumped in the band to play the trombone…Best pittsburgh wedding photographers_0209

Lots of sharing the microphone with the bands…Best pittsburgh wedding photographer_0194Sticking money to the foreheads of the band players… and incredibly sweet toasts…
Best pittsburgh wedding photographers_0212And you know… more dance moves. Top left might just be my favorite.

Best pittsburgh wedding photographers_0197

It was a fabulous year.


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