Atl Baby!

Awhile ago Josh and I headed to Atlanta for a wedding… As GUESTS! I am not going to lie, it was really hard to leave the kids (esp Atlee), but it was such a great time, and Josh and I hadn’t done a trip like that in quite awhile. His mom and sister were at the house taking care of the bambinos. We’re so thankful for them watching the kids. 3 can be a lot especially with Atlee not sleeping/napping the best. We stayed at the Inn at Serenbe. Talk about a relaxing place….

She is doing better now… I have been taking her to the chiropractor, but that’s a story for another day.

So, Atlanta.

We headed down and stayed with Josh’s best friend (you might remember them here) the first evening. They had to work, so we ventured into the neighborhood, and found a yummy BBQ joint.

Allison and I just happened to have the same saying on our shirt… So, in scrubby clothes, and then dressed up for the wedding!

Allison and Brandon’s little one Evie. She just turned 1 shortly after the wedding!

Crappy iphone pic of rehearsal night (Josh was in the wedding)

The groomsmen on the way to rehearsal. We stayed at the Inn at Serenbe. So amazing. Seriously. If you need a place to go and relax in the Atlanta area, this is your place! 

First time an animal has ever smiled at me. Seriously… I got out the camera and he looked up and held a smile. 

A little relaxation… bubble bath and coffee = yes please.

The wedding! I love bow ties…  I had never seen Josh in one, but I like it!

Happy Monday friends! Cheers to the week ahead!


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