5 Easy last minute Valentine’s Day Crafts with your kiddos!

I guess I should have hit pinterest a little bit earlier for some Valentine’s Day ideas to do with Ainsley…  There are some really cute ideas out there!  So, if you are looking for some cute toddler crafts to do with your kiddos over the next few days… maybe you want to make something for daddy or grandparents, or friends at preschool, etc. Here are a few really cute and SIMPLE things that I stumbled upon, and thought I would share.

1. Love you to Pieces


Like this because it is super easy, and if you didn’t have popsicle sticks you could still put the puzzle pieces on paper and frame it, or on foamboard so it’s a little sturdier. I was even thinking it might be cute to arrange the puzzle pieces in a heart shape with an opening to put a photo of your kid inside. 🙂 I think it would be a hit with the grandparents. 🙂

2. Handprint Valentine’s

Ainsley loves to paint… and she loves to try and trace her hands or have us trace them… She also LOVES to make sticky handprints all over the table at breakfast, lunch, and dinner… literally. She makes prints and shows me… so I am pretty sure this one would go over well, and it couldn’t be much cuter!


3. I Love you This Much Card

This one I think we will definitely have to make for daddy for Thursday. Of course ours won’t be this fancy…. not even close.  Ha ha.


4. Valentine Heart Stamps

Can you say economical and easy?!? Who doesn’t have a roll of toilet paper or paper towels handy… unless of course you are the one who  buys the TP without the tube inside. I did see that for the first time the other day. We at the Elliott household are not that “green” so we have plenty handy….


5. Feet Hearts

I wasn’t able to find a source for this one. Sorry! My daughter would LOVE this one I am sure. She loves having her feet and hands traced, so dipping them in paint would be a sure hit. My worry would be containing her 🙂 Or we would have little red footprints all over the house…

Maybe we’ll tackle a few of these this week! We went simple, and made some Valentine’s for the grandparents and daddy…. Here is our little artist Ainsley’s Valentines

And she made them all a little painting. There wasn’t any red in our finger paint pack (nor the colors to make it), so we went with the most Valentiney-ish colors we had. 🙂

Happy crafting with your little one, and if you have any cute ideas…. send them this way or leave a link! We’d love to see them, and pin them for next year!


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