4 Flowers and Their Symbolic Meanings!

Are you trying to decide what the perfect flowers are for you wedding?  Yesterday Meaghan shared some great ideas to help you decide on your summer bouquets.  Today I’m going to share with you flowers and what they symbolize!   Wouldn’t it be neat to say you picked your wedding flower because they symbolize a new beginning?!

Here is what we found!

Symbolism: Fantastic Extravagance

Photo Credit: Kevin Summers/Getty Images via Real Simple Weddings

White Rose
Symbolism: Purity

Photo Credit: Getty Images via Real Simple Weddings

Symbolism: New Beginnings

Photo Credit: Digital Vision/ Getty Images via Real Simple Weddings

Red Tulip
Symbolism: Declaration of Love

Photo Credit: Siede Preis/ Getty Images via Real Simple Weddings

Let us know what flowers you’re using and if you know the meaning of them!


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