How to Have an Amazing Wedding in 2019

Every bride and groom wants to have the best wedding they can imagine. If you’re getting married this year, you’re likely working tirelessly on making your big day the best day ever, and it will be! With a little bit (or a lot) of planning and care toward your wedding, it will be truly wonderful. For tips on how to have an amazing 2019 Wedding, keep on reading!

Pick the right spot

2019 is all about the out of this world wedding venue! Who says your only options for a venue are a ballroom or a country club? Take your time looking at a venue that really represents you, and doesn’t just go along with the ordinary. Try a unique wedding venue like a museum or an aquarium, whatever you want! If you are in need of inspiration check out this list of the most unique wedding venues. This is your wedding, so the sky’s the limit. If you love an unusual venue but are unsure if they’ll host a wedding, inquire about the possibility to bring your own vendors into the space.

Hanalei Wedding
Hanalei Wedding

Have it professionally documented

Your wedding day will seem like it went by in a blur. But, you can relive that day over and over again through your amazing wedding photos. Your one biggest wedding regret will be if you don’t have your day professionally photographed. You’ll have those photos to cherish for the rest of your life. Make sure you invest in those memories so you have them when you’re old and gray.

Kauai Wedding

Stick to your guns

When you’re approaching your wedding date, it’s important to remember who this day is really all about: you and your partner. As much as you love your families and are happy to have them as a part of it, remember the fact that this is your wedding. Don’t let other opinions get in the way of your wants and dreams for your nuptials. If you’re stressed about not making everyone happy, designate a person that can stick up for you and your decisions. Whether it’s your mom, your MOH, or your fiancé, have someone who will be able to speak to the choices you’ve made and encourage you to stick to them no matter what anyone says! At the end of the day you want your wedding to reflect you and your new spouse.

Relax after the ‘I Do’s

Don’t forget about the honeymoon in the midst of all of the planning! While the wedding day is a time for all of your family and friends to come together and celebrate your love with you, the honeymoon is just for the two of you. Plan a relaxing, adults-only cruise for you and your new spouse that will melt all of the planning stress away. The last thing you want to do on your first vacation as newlyweds is have to figure out where to go and what to do every second of every day. When you book an all-inclusive cruise, everything you need is included for you, so there’s nothing to think about.

Hanalei Bay

Happy planning and reach out to me for your photography needs!

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